Online Sessions & Trainings

I offer individual sessions as well as group trainings online. 

Individual sessions: VSee

For my one-on-one client sessions we will use a tool called VSee. VSee is a HIPPAA compliant tool that keeps all audio/video communications between us securely encrypted. Even VSee does not have access to any identifiable health information that may be communicated.

Group Trainings: Zoom

If you are attending a training session we will meet on Zoom. Zoom is a popular platform that supports video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing.

Download of App Required

Using our on-line meeting software requires that you download the application to your workstation and create an account. There is no charge for the application or the account.

Please download the software prior to our first meeting. Scroll down to download software.

Individual Sessions



Click the button below and you will be guided through the VSee download process.

Send me a VSee Friend Request

After you have set up VSee on your workstation send me a friend  request. 

How we Connect

At our scheduled appointment time, open up VSee.

Group Trainings



Click the button below and you will be guided through the Zoom download process. Here's one hint. On the first page it requests that you enter your work email. You should enter any email you want associated with your zoom account.

During our Session

My Zoom contact phone number never changes. 

To connect with me on the day of your training you can join me by clicking the button below or once you have zoom you can click join meeting and type in my phone number.

Zoom Room ID: 425 903 8953